Economical electric heaters - myth or reality?
We consider various types of modern electric heaters from the point of view of efficient use of energy, separating marketing from facts.
What is the current in the home outlet - AC or DC?
Everything about current: direct or alternating, what is the phase and zero, why do you need grounding, how many volts and amperes are in the outlet.
Electric boiler for home heating - what can you save on?
Everything about "economical" electric boilers - we separate marketing from the truth - we figure out where and what you can really save on.
Energy-saving device - myth or reality?
Does the device work to save energy, it is also ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX, or is it just another Internet scam - read in ...
How much electricity do household appliances consume - a table and tips for saving
Find out which device in your apartment consumes the most electricity and what you can really save on.
Saving and rational use of electricity at home
Simple and effective ways to use energy efficiently will save you money and preserve the environment for generations to come.


On the production, transmission and rational consumption of electricity. Ways to save electricity at home. Questions related to connecting to electrical networks.

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Economical electric heaters - myth or reality?