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We understand what the "selectivity" of an RCD is, how different types of devices differ from each other and how to choose the best option for your ...
We figure out why a three-phase voltage relay may be required in a home electrical network, how to choose, install and configure it.
We understand what a differential machine (difavtomat) is and what function this device performs in a home electrical network.
We figure out how to correctly connect the differential machine to a home single-phase network with our own hands.
We understand how an RCD differs from a differential machine and which of these devices is preferable to use in home wiring.
We understand why an automatic phase switch is needed, what they are and how they are connected to the electrical network.
We figure out why it may be necessary to install a phase control relay in the electrical network of your home and how to choose and connect this device.
The fact that it is necessary to install residual current devices in modern houses and apartments has already been said many times. Their main goal is ...
Let's figure out what the voltage monitoring relay is for and how it helps to protect expensive household appliances in your home.
We figure out what is the reason for voltage drops in the electrical network and how to reliably protect expensive household appliances from them.
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Electrician in simple language

Electricity is the foundation of civilization. It creates comfort in homes and apartments, gives us the opportunity to work in factories and offices, helps to relax and have fun in the evenings. If life is arranged, we use electrical appliances without thinking. Problems arise when we start renovating an apartment, build a new house, or once, by pressing a switch, we find that there is no light. In such a situation, people call an electrician and expect a solution to the problem that has arisen within a reasonable time frame with minimal cost. If an electrician is difficult for you to understand, is associated with danger or hateful physics lessons at school, there is nothing wrong with turning to professionals. Unfortunately, even a good specialist works first of all for himself, and only then for us. In addition, the market is full of amateurs, lazy people and just unscrupulous people who are always ready to cash in on someone's technical illiteracy ...

In any non-trivial situations, the result of an electrician's work will largely depend on your ability to correctly set a task, agree on a way to solve it, if necessary, control the process and ultimately accept the job. Understanding how modern electrical wiring works, why you need a circuit breaker or an RCD, what is inside the electrical panel, will help you not only save time, nerves and money, but also ensure the maximum possible comfort and safety for your family.

For most people, the need for information on electrics arises occasionally, it makes no sense to go to study as an electrician, then once in a five-year period to fix an outlet or a couple of times in a lifetime to make wiring in a new house. In such cases, our site will help. Here you can quickly get the knowledge you need to solve your problem without plunging into unnecessary technical, historical and other jungle. Our goal is not to make you a professional electrician, but to enable you to make informed decisions, not to become a victim of an unscrupulous “specialist”.

The site contains a lot of useful information for those who like to work with their own hands. Many electrical jobs are straightforward, and materials and tools are widely available. Sometimes there is simply no way to call an electrician, or you have to wait for several days ... In such cases, the first thing to do is thoroughly and comprehensively study the problem. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to the corresponding article, we will try to help. Always and everywhere follow the rules of electrical safety.

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