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Checkpoint switch - what is it, the principle of operation and varieties
Pass-through switch: what is it - the principle of operation, what is the difference with a conventional one, in what cases are they used, what are they ...
How to repair a light switch
We figure out how to quickly fix a faulty light switch with our own hands and what is needed for this.
How to make a pass-through switch from a conventional one with your own hands
How the pass-through switch works and how, if necessary, make it from a conventional switch with your own hands.
Connecting a dimmer instead of a switch - wiring diagram
We analyze in detail what dimmers exist, how they are arranged and where they are used. We consider the dimmer connection diagram and how to install it.
How to connect a lamp through a switch from an outlet
We analyze in detail a common situation when an additional lamp must be connected from the outlet through a switch.
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