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Choosing a cable for an electric stove and a hob by type and section
Choosing a cable for connecting an electric stove, hob or oven to the mains. We select the optimal type and section of the cable.
Marking of electrical wires and cables - what you need to know to select?
We learn to read the marking of wires, cables and cords of domestic and foreign manufacturers. We decipher the markings of the most popular products.
What cross section should be the wire for the sockets?
We choose the optimal cross-section and brand of wire for connecting outlets for various electrical appliances.
How to quickly and correctly strip the wire from insulation
We consider how to easily and quickly strip the wire from insulation using improvised means or special tools.
Copper vs. Aluminum - Which Wiring Is Better?
What is the difference between copper and aluminum wiring? When does it make sense to replace aluminum wires with copper ones? How to combine copper with ...
What is the difference between a cable and a wire?
Understanding the difference between cable and wire
Various ways of attaching wires to the wall
We consider in detail various ways of attaching the wire to the wall for hidden and open electrical wiring and various types of walls.
Choosing an electrical wire for outdoor wiring on the street
We consider various types of wires and cables that can be used to lay outdoor wiring in various common situations.
What is the best way to hide wires in an apartment
We choose the best option for masking the wires and cords of electrical appliances that spoil the interior.
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