What switches and sockets are better for choosing an apartment

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During the repair or arrangement of their home at home, the owners must have a problem: how to choose sockets and switches for the apartment, and at the same time get a reasonable ratio of cost, quality, appearance, safety and comfort in use. Of course, consultants in stores can tell everything, but they also need to be asked the right questions in order to understand when they are consulting and when they are “persuaded to take”.

How to make a choice, what to focus on and what to choose from

Choosing good sockets and switches for yourself, it is not enough to study prices and focus on a beautiful appearance. These are one of those things that are used on a daily basis, and if they suddenly fail, or even worse - melt or catch fire, due to poor-quality components, then it will be too late to look for the culprit.

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It is advisable to get more information about what sockets and switches are made for an apartment and how to choose them correctly. If the main attention is supposed to be paid to the quality of products, then the choice of sockets and switches is better to start with studying the popular brands of large companies: read reviews, view the range and compare the ratings of manufacturers of sockets and switches.

The listed brands are well-known in the markets of many countries. Top brands in Top 7 brands:

  • ABB
  • Berker
  • Gira
  • Makel
  • Legrand
  • Scneider-electric
  • Wessen

They are in turn divided into two categories based on the cost of the products.

Manufacturers focused on the production of premium quality products

There are not so many of them, so the task of choice is simplified. French trade mark Legrand, Swiss trade mark ABB, as well as German manufacturers Scneider-electric and Gira.

It makes no sense to compare elite products in terms of the quality of materials and components. If you focus on this market segment, the problem of how to choose sockets and switches comes down to the selection of devices by design and additional functions. These include sockets with timers that turn off while no one is at home, models with mechanisms that push the plugs out, as well as other trifles like protective curtains.


sockets and switches legrand

One of the leading brands on the Russian market. The company is headquartered in France. Its products are represented in 180 countries around the world, products are always associated with high quality and attractive design.

Main advantages:

  • a huge selection of models;
  • detailed control of products in the area of ​​fire safety;
  • the highest possible build quality;
  • components that have passed multiple checks;
  • various color finishes;
  • affordable prices.


Scneider-electric switches

Such products are to the liking of professional electricians, due to the quality of workmanship, the reliable design of the devices and their configuration, which includes high-quality fasteners. The company's products have an optimal design for a home or office.

Main advantages:

  • replaceable frames;
  • rich catalog of goods;
  • prefabricated structure of modules;
  • the best quality of parts;


ABB circuit breakers

A Swiss company with production facilities in over 100 countries. Some of the largest Russian clients are TOP state corporations in the oil industry.

Swiss punctuality and pedantry are reflected in all the series of this brand. Also, the company manages to take into account the opinion of ordinary consumers and lovers of expressive design in its series.

Main advantages:

  • shock-resistant materials not exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • sophistication and accuracy in manufacturing;
  • prefabricated structure of modules;
  • high-speed installation;
  • colorful combination of colors;
  • production of some parts from natural bronze, steel;

Of the minuses, only a very high cost is noted.


electrician Gira

The company produces modern high quality socket models. The corporation has received more than one world design awards. The approach to consumers varies dramatically across the series. For example, if in one the main focus is on price democracy, reliability and minimalist design, in the other it is replaced by sophistication, progressive developments and the ability to fulfill the requests of the most demanding customers.

Main advantages:

  • number of models;
  • impeccable assembly precision;
  • sleek design;
  • proven German quality;
  • modular assembly elements;
  • availability of natural materials and relevant technical solutions.

Manufacturers of models of the middle price segment

The most famous in their niche are Berker, Wessen and Makel. If you set yourself the goal of choosing a switch at a reasonable price, but with high quality components, then you need to look at the products of these brands.

There is already a much smaller choice of unique design solutions - manufacturers focus on maintaining a balance between quality and price. However, some models even come with replaceable outer cases, which allows you to refresh the interior without having to completely replace the outlets.


sockets and switches Berker

Design solutions are not the strong point of this brand, but in return you will receive proven German reliability, safety and performance benefits at an affordable price.

Product characteristics:

  • country of origin - Germany;
  • laconic and functional style;
  • sufficient range of frames;
  • high quality mechanisms;
  • high degree of strength and reliability;
  • moderate cost;



Domestic brand, covers more than a third of the Russian market. The design of their products is a heat-resistant material that increases protection against various influences and increases service life.

Main advantages:

  • good plastic cover;
  • replaceable elements and frames;
  • comfortable wire termination;
  • fairly low cost;


electrician Makel

An electrical equipment manufacturer from Turkey, whose products are exported to more than 40 countries. Their range includes safe and cheap sockets and switches. Strong fastening clamps ensure a snug fit of the contacts. They are based on a heat-resistant middle, which will protect the device from overheating and allow you to connect powerful household appliances.

Main advantages:

  • low price;
  • full satisfaction of safety requirements;
  • wide range of models;
  • a complete set of each product;
  • replaceable modules;
  • comfortable installation.

Tips on how to spot a fake

What sockets are better and how to choose a switch, while not falling for a fake, the following instruction:

  1. The product is checked for smell. Counterfeits are often made from incomprehensible plastic mixtures that smell very bad.
  2. The approximate weight is determined. Since the basis of the socket is conductive elements, then there is a simple dependence - the heavier, the better.
  3. The build quality of the case itself is examined. A large number of gaps and a flimsy frame indicate a high probability of counterfeiting. The original cases and covers are often fastened with latches. If the case is simply sealed, then it is a fake.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the contacts. In good outlets, they have additional springs that will prevent them from unbending, which leads to poor pressure on the plug and socket contacts.
  5. The presence of a grounding contact.Although the rules of the PUE prescribe mandatory grounding of electrical wiring, but in old houses the wiring has not yet been corrected to this standard and manufacturers of the "middle" price range continue to produce some models of sockets without grounding contacts. This does not mean that they are bad - it is just an acceptable reduction in the cost of production. However, if the house has a dedicated wire for grounding, then the appropriate sockets are needed.

How to distinguish a fake from the original, see this video using the example of the Legrand Valena outlet:


Manufacturers in their price ranges produce comparatively similar products in terms of quality and value, so no particular brand or separate store can be recommended for purchase. Each product is somewhat superior to the previous one and meets specific requests for specific needs. The final decision remains with the buyer, because who else does not know the intended scope of the purchased switches and sockets.

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