What is the best way to hide wires in an apartment

how to hide wires

Completing a home or office renovation, as well as neatly masking existing wires, should not weaken the owners. Mounting a new TV on the wall, replacing a computer, installing a security alarm or additional wiring for powering electrical appliances leads to a new connection. All this carries additional risks for children, animals and the appearance of the interior. What are the most effective camouflage techniques? How to hide wires in an apartment in compliance with safety rules and design preservation? Let's consider these points in more detail.

Internal disguise

The best option is to hide the cables during the overhaul phase. There are several ways here.

Disguise the wires in the wall. This technology can be applied before or after wallpapering. To begin with, the paper is cut with a sharp knife, after which the edges are moved apart and fixed with needles. Next, using a puncher or manually, a strobe is made for masking. After completing this work, the cable is laid in the prepared recess., and the groove is closed with alabaster or plasticine. The final stage involves applying glue to the wallpaper and fixing it in place.

How to hide the wires under the wallpaper is shown here:

Hide wires in the floor. There are several options here.

  • Disguise the wires in the baseboard where the wire compartment is located. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the design of the product, in the central part of which there should be a special recess. It is in it that the wires are laid. This method is versatile and easy to execute.
  • Hide the wiring in the strobe. Here, the principle is the same as with the wall mount. With the help of a punch, a recess is made where the excess commutation fits. After that, the strobe is poured with cement and leveled to level with the floor.
  • Fill with cement. If the quality of the flooring in the room is poor, you can make a new screed by hiding the wires in it. The latter should be corrugated.

Remove the wiring to the ceiling. There are two options:

  • Hide the wires in a plasterboard niche installed around the perimeter.
  • Hide the wires between the stretch fabric and the main ceiling. In the latter case, it is worthwhile to warn the masters in advance about your decision, otherwise you will have to use other options.

Outdoor disguise

If the methods discussed above are not available for implementation, do not despair. To beautifully and wisely hide numerous cords, you can use the opposite method, which implies external camouflage. If you approach the issue wisely, numerous wires will not spoil the interior in any way, but, on the contrary, will give it exclusivity and unusual appearance.

decorating wire on the wall

Let's take a look at how to hide the wires from the outside. The options are as follows:

  • Imitate a tree branch. A computer or television wire can be easily decorated by creating a small branch with it, decorated with homemade flowers, leaves or birds. This solution will transform the interior, give it uniqueness and brightness.
  • Make a tree. If the wire has a length of one and a half meters or more, you do not need to cut it - it will make a nice "tree". To fix the cord, special fasteners are used, with the help of which the necessary outlines are set.
  • Power station. Fans of the original design can imitate the supports on which the wires will be attached.This method allows you to solve two problems - to make the wires invisible to the eyes and create a basis for teaching your children.
  • Complex drawings. If you have free time and imagination, you can hide the wires on the wall by creating an original landscape. Here the main emphasis is on the contrast between the shade of the wallpaper (paint) and the cable. Separately, you should consider the elements that allow you to highlight the wiring.
  • Fence. One of the best options is to attach the wires to the top of the skirting board. But in order to hide them from the eyes, it is worth making wooden blanks in the form of a fence, and then fix them on double-sided tape. This method is suitable for a corridor or a child's bedroom. For greater originality, each element of the "fence" can be decorated with a different color.
  • Car track. This option is the most labor-intensive, because it takes time to implement. To create a road, cardboard is used, from which the necessary object is cut. Next, the paper is painted in a color suitable for the interior.
  • Other ways. In addition to the options listed above, wires can be removed under door trims, behind indoor plants, under a carpet or behind furniture.

Remember that it is better to develop a plan for masking wires in advance, and then strictly adhere to it.

Many creative wire masking options are shown in this video:

Hiding the cords from the computer

Despite the popularity and availability of wireless technology, many devices still require a wired connection. One of them is a computer, after the installation of which a whole "web" of cords is assembled, connecting the system unit with the monitor, the mains supply, the printer and other devices.

hide the cords from the computer

How to remove all cables from under your feet, without disrupting the overall design of the room. There are several options:

  • Hide the wires and extension cord in a special box. To implement the plan, it is enough to find a box of a suitable size, make several holes in it, and then mask all the switching in it. As an example, a Plug Hub made of special plastic is allowed. Its peculiarity lies in the absence of a bottom and holes provided in the upper part. This "box" can be fixed to the floor or to the wall.
  • Fixing cables under the worktop. The simplest options include masking the commutation under the table, which will require binders and short screws. Make sure that the length of the latter is 20-30 percent shorter than the thickness of the top of the table. First, an extension cord is attached under the tabletop, after which the wires are assembled into a bundle and clamped with binders fixed with screws. There are other options - fixing the power cables with a construction stapler (special clamps are used) or ordinary ties. In the latter case, the wires are pulled together into a common bundle and fixed to the table leg. The part of the commutation that comes from the skirting board can be covered with plastic matched to the color of the flooring. The filter outlet should be hidden under the table top, fixing it with a wide Velcro (the latter is fastened with screws). In order to exclude the dangling of the wires, the switching is placed in small cable channels, which are fixed with insulating tape or a simple plaster.
  • Creativity. As already discussed above, the cable does not have to be hidden somewhere. One of the options is to fix it to the wall with clamps and then “fasten” the bird cut out of the magazine. If there are available funds, ugly chargers should be replaced with products in a more original design.

Fixing the wires under the table with binders is shown in this video:

and another option:

Useful tips to help

hide chargers

Properly hidden wires are a chance to improve the interior design, eliminate the risk of electric shock to children and pets, and get rid of the "cobweb" from under your feet.But, in addition to the secrets already discussed, it is worth considering a number of recommendations:

  • It is important to store multiple cords correctly. To do this, all switching from a set-top box, phones, computers and other equipment is folded into a special box. To avoid confusion in the future, the assignment of each cable is signed. In order to avoid intertwining of wires, it is worth using ties.
  • If the wire is needed regularly, you can fix it around the table perimeter from the underside of the table top. With this fastening, the cord can be easily reached and connected to the device at any time.
  • During the masking process, it is important to label each cable on one side and the other. Such foresight helps to avoid confusion in the future, when the purpose of each of the switching elements has already been forgotten.
  • A wide range of special boxes, made in various styles and capable of fulfilling the task, are presented in hardware stores. You can easily hide wires in them and not worry about interior design.
  • When using a fabric braid, it is important to ensure that it does not bend. Otherwise, the risk of ignition increases, and the appearance of such a product leaves much to be desired.
  • Keep the power cable as short as possible. In this case, the risk of injury from electric shock is reduced, and the masking process is simplified. If small children live in the apartment (house), it is worth remembering the danger posed by the power cords. That is why it is advisable to hide the wires immediately after installing the equipment.
  • Cables with different functions must be separated from one another. So, wires for powering a computer, printer, music center and other devices are tied separately from the power cords through which voltage is supplied. Thanks to this foresight, it is possible to minimize interference, which is the cause of noise and interference.


Tidying up the interior and protecting loved ones by masking the wires is not difficult, because there are many effective ways for this. The main thing is to decide on a suitable option, to think over the switching scheme in advance, to purchase the necessary materials and follow the advice outlined in the article.

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