Electrical panel
RCD selectivity - what is it?
We understand what the "selectivity" of an RCD is, how different types of devices differ from each other and how to choose the best option for your ...
Three-phase voltage monitoring relay - purpose, installation and configuration
We figure out why a three-phase voltage relay may be required in a home electrical network, how to choose, install and configure it.
What is a differential automaton (difavtomat)?
We understand what a differential machine (difavtomat) is and what function this device performs in a home electrical network.
Connecting a difavtomat in a single-phase network - diagram and connection procedure
We figure out how to correctly connect the differential machine to a home single-phase network with our own hands.
What is the difference between an RCD and a differential machine?
We understand how an RCD differs from a differential machine and which of these devices is preferable to use in home wiring.
Purpose, selection and connection of the automatic phase changeover
We understand why an automatic phase switch is needed, what they are and how they are connected to the electrical network.
Phase monitoring - purpose, principle of operation and connection diagram
We figure out why it may be necessary to install a phase control relay in the electrical network of your home and how to choose and connect this device.
How to properly connect an RCD without grounding - the circuit and its pros and cons
The fact that it is necessary to install residual current devices in modern houses and apartments has already been said many times. Their main goal is ...
Voltage control relays - purpose, selection and connection with your own hands
Let's figure out what the voltage monitoring relay is for and how it helps to protect expensive household appliances in your home.
220 volt surge protection device for home and apartment
We figure out what is the reason for voltage drops in the electrical network and how to reliably protect expensive household appliances from them.
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